Thursday, May 26, 2011

A New Exposure

Having recently moved, I am now set with the task of creating a new plantscape that is suitable for our new light exposure. We left behind a scorching South-West exposure for the cooler confines of a North-East exposure. I bid farewell to large fruits and welcome an influx of veritable greens.

Come grow with me Spinach!

I had to leave a few things behind: some gifted, some gorilla'd into irrigated spots here and there, planted things were left in the ground. Of the few outdoor plants that made the move, this Peppermint Geranium above is loving its new digs the most. Its life before was hidden from most, potted and settled beneath a monster of a grape vine, barely noticeable in winter invisible in summer. No longer a shrinking violet (I mean Geranium) it now lives on an shelf, in full view of all that pass by.

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