Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is a Potted Plant Money in the Bank?

Much praise can/should be given to farmers of all scales for the work their plantings do sequestering carbon. It seems a shame that more than half of that sequestered carbon is given back to the atmosphere when the earth those plants grow in is tilled up.

I am an urban farmer, as such I have a long list of reasons why I prefer container gardening. Add to that list: Long Term Carbon Sink. With the emerging Carbon Economy these potted plants may be generating revenue with what we harvest and with what we never harvest. Compress your rootmasses and media into carbon coins and whatever you do... don't burn them.

The container above uses features to improve rootmass by air-pruning. This technique of air-pruning is also the goal for the black poly-fabric pots that are now being made in sizes under 20 gallons. Air-pruning advocates claim that a 5 gal air-pruning pot is equivalent to a 10 gal standard nursery pot as far as root mass generated and nutrients accessed by similar sized plants.

From untilled earth comes untold wealth? I am willing to carbon bank on it.

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