Thursday, March 29, 2012

Time Lapse Lion's Tail

I am a huge fan of Lion's Tail. I like the sturdy way it grows. I like the feel of its leaves. It attracts butterflies and hummingbirds.  I have tried for years to force flower it indoors and all I had to show for it were monstrous plants with no signs of flowers. Until now.

I think I have cracked the Lion's code and am set to document this first with another first... Time Lapse Photography. The shop was given a Plant Cam to try out and here we are, trying it out.

Every other day the Plant Cam takes a pic every six hours while the lights are on. Since it seems to be working I will install a memory card because I lose a few days of photos when I have to take it home to clear its feeble internal memory.

Here is the photo set from its first ten days vegetating in the tent.

I turned the lights to the flower cycle 2 weeks ago and the flowers are starting to show up. Woo Hoo.

I will update with more pics as we grow along.

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